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A Pedro Feliciano Comeback: Who Ordered This, And How Do We Send It Back?

Via the lovely and talented Hardball Talk, baseball's reliever with the spinning odometer may be on the road to the Bronx for the first time since... ever:

General manager Brian Cashman told Erik Boland of New York Newsday that Feliciano has been throwing batting practice at the Yankees’ spring training complex and could be cleared to begin a minor-league rehab assignment "very soon." Cashman did his best to downplay any expectations that Feliciano could make an impact down the stretch, but a September call-up seems likely if he avoid a setback.

As you well know, the Yankees signed Feliciano despite his having pitched 408 games in five years for the Mets. His contract includes a 2013 option that is about death-and-taxes likely to be bought out. Forty-man roster baseball is painful to watch, with managers running pitcher after pitcher in and out of the game, so if the Yankees have a third spot lefty to go with Boone Logan and Clay Rapada, there won't be anything special about it except that it will probably lead to a couple of unnecessary losses (or at least runs) as Joe Girardi chases platoon match-ups that aren't worth pursuing in the first place. In this he is no different than other managers, but just because something is commonplace doesn't mean it's any easier to live with.