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Pinstripe Pulse: The Pitchers (8/7 Edition)

The Yankees' pitching staff has hit a lull over the past two weeks, posting a 4.37 ERA as the team lost five of seven games played during the period. The starters, who have pitched to a combined ERA just below 5.00, have been the main culprits, with Ivan Nova accounting for most of the damage. The bullpen's collective ERA was an impressive 2.90, but David Robertson and David Phelps carried most of the load. The return of Joba Chamberlain could help lighten the burden, but the biggest concern might be the gradual regression by the team's two lefty relievers. Below is a status report for each individual member of the pitching staff along with select updates from the disabled list and minor leagues.


Note: Current period includes statistics compiled from July 24 to August 6.