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Yankees 1, Orioles 6: The Angriest of Domes

This game in a few words:

- If you have a good change up, you can probably shut down the Yankees.

- Nick Swisher struck out four times. A killer whale with a bat taped to its flipper may have looked better at the plate.

- The offense doesn't score for Hiroki Kuroda ever.

- Kuroda allowed home runs to Mark Reynolds and J.J. Hardy and a sac fly to Chris Davis.

- Curtis Granderson homered in the 9th to avoid complete embarrassment. It was the 200th this year.

- Go away, Derek Lowe. Far away.

- The Yankees got their first hit in the fourth inning. Derek Jeter got that hit.

-David Phelps pitches tomorrow with more people on the roster than there were tonight. Maybe they can do better.

This game in a .gif:


This game in a picture: