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Yankees 5, Blue Jays 8: Yankees Lose. Now Let Us Never Speak Of This Game Again

I blame Chris Stewart and Russell Martin
I blame Chris Stewart and Russell Martin

Does anyone remember The Neverending Story 2? The one where if Bastion used the Orin to make a wish, he'd lose a memory? Yeah, no one remembers that movie, and rightfully so. It sucked. So did this game. I want to make a wish for a lot of money and forget this game ever happened. No such luck I'm afraid. The Yankees lose the game 8-5 and lose the series as well.

I love getting recaps when CC pitches. I think most of the writers here do. Sadly, CC Sabathia did not have his best stuff today. He did manage to go seven innings, but he gave up nine hits and five runs while striking out eight and walking no one. Only two of the runs were earned, and those came off of a sixth inning home run off of Yunel Escobar. Even though it says he only gave up two earned runs, the third inning was not kind to Sabathia. Two out rallies suck when you're on the wrong side of one.

The bullpen was not fun to watch today either. This afternoon constituted one of those classic "What the hell is Girardi doing?" bullpen management days. Derek Lowe, Yankees long man, was used for two batters in a one run game and promptly gave up two hits and a run. Classic. Boone Logan came in for a quick K and then was pulled for Cody Eppley who would finish the inning off. You've seen this before. Eppley would start the ninth, LNOGY Clay Rapada would then come in and not do his job, and then Joba Chamberlain would be brought in to hold the lead with the bases loaded. He did not, although you could blame Andruw Jones for not catching a ball that Swisher might have caught.

This is where the injuries start to take their toll. The lineup does not look the same without Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. The defense would be vastly different as well. Chavez could get the days off he really seems to need. Steve Pearce might not even be on the team. The Yankees offense did manage to score five runs today off of J.A. Happ and the Blue Jays bullpen. They definitely could have score a lot more though. That ugly narrative of the Yankees leaving too many RISP is rearing its head again. I haven't missed it. In addition to the RISP fail, the Yankees committed three errors today. Again, just an ugly game all around. So to quickly recap...

  • CC is not his usual Sabathia self today
  • RISP fail narrative coming back
  • Errors
  • Questionable Bullpen Usage
  • Injury Bug showing us why it's so evil

Yeah, I'm going to just forget this game, enjoy the off day, and wait for Friday's series against the O's