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The Pinstripe Pulse Edition 4: Offense

"That's how it's done, Robinson. Now come with me, it's time for your bedtime story."
"That's how it's done, Robinson. Now come with me, it's time for your bedtime story."

This edition of the Pinstripe Pulse will cover the Yankees' previous 10 games, from August 13th through the 22nd (the minor leaguers were playing on the 23rd, so that day's statistics were included as well). The Yankees averaged 4.1 runs per game, down from the 5.7 runs per game they scored during the previous period, and they went 5-5 against the Rangers (3-1), Red Sox (2-1), and White Sox (0-3). They won a tough series against one of the best teams in baseball, but then they were swept by a division leader to end the stretch. It's unfortunate that the sweep happened, but the White Sox have been terrific all year. Alas.

Player Last Period This Period Thoughts
Russell Martin, C Pinstripe_pulse_equal_medium Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium Fell to another sub-.200 week after a brief period of decency.
Mark Teixeira, 1B Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Has had only one bad 10-game stretch in the second half.
Robinson Cano, 2B Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Pinstripe_pulse_flaherty_medium .437 OPS is less than half of last period's OPS (.888). Ouch.
Derek Jeter, SS Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium
Pinstripe_pulse_ruth_medium 4 doubles and 4 homers led to 32 total bases. Amazing.
Eric Chavez, 3B Pinstripe_pulse_ruth_medium Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Still playing well in A-Rod's absence: .353/.421/.529 in 19 PAs.
Ichiro Suzuki, LF/RF Pinstripe_pulse_equal_medium Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium No walks, but a .714 SLG makes up for that.
Curtis Granderson, CF
Pinstripe_pulse_equal_medium It would be great if he got more hits than the occasional homer.
Nick Swisher, RF/1B Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Slugged .676 with 4 homers and 11 RBI. Swish is back.
Raul Ibanez, "LF" Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium
Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium No extra-base hits in the 10 games.
Andruw Jones, LF/RF Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium
Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium Horrid week aside from one long homer in the Texas series.
Casey McGehee, 1B/3B Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium .154/.154/.154. So this is the not-so-good McGehee...
Jayson Nix, INF Pinstripe_pulse_equal_medium Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium .190/.190/.190. So this is the not-so-good Nix...
Chris Stewart, C Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Pinstripe_pulse_flaherty_medium Back to normal for the hitless Stewart.
Player Last Period This Period Thoughts
Gary Sanchez, C Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium
Pinstripe_pulse_equal_medium Now hitting .290/.349/.488 with Tampa.
Tyler Austin, RF Pinstripe_pulse_equal_medium Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium 11 hits despite several rainouts. Stole 3 bases as well.
Slade Heathcott, CF Pinstripe_pulse_ruth_medium Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Even with his injuries, having best MiLB season to date.
Dante Bichette, Jr., 3B Pinstripe_pulse_up_medium Pinstripe_pulse_down_medium Really just needs this year to end: .189/.268/.297 this period.


Players hitting at "Ruthian" levels are honored with, of course, the Babe.
Players slumping are dis-honored with punchless former backup catcher John Flaherty.
Injured players are indicated by the perpetually-hurt Nick Johnson, who unfortunately just hurt himself posing for this picture.

Full statistics for the ten-game stretch compared to the previous period are after the jump..

Here are the players' statistics from the past two periods (Click for a better view).

Statistics from August 13-22


Statistics from August 2-12