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White Sox 9 - Yankees 6


It's been a rocky return for Joba Chamberlain, the proud owner of a 9.45 ERA and 8.04 FIP in his first seven appearances. Dayan Viciedo and Gordan Beckham came into tonight's game with a .314 and .272 wOBA, respectively. Neither could boast a .300 on base percentage, but both got a run scoring hit off of Chamberlain. Here are the two sequences, with Viciedo's RBI single on the left and Beckham's solo home run on the right:

Both damage pitches happened on 94 MPH fastballs on the very corner of the strike zone to hitters who have been having terrible seasons.

I really don't think Joba has pitched that poorly, things just haven't worked out for him. Sometimes baseball is just bullshit and you realize that your opponents are really good and that things aren't always going to work out. Those were both pitchers' pitches and both of them were squared up and driven and were a big part of the White Sox winning this game.

Partially due to the aforementioned Chamberlain let downs -- not to mention a Freddy Garcia fifth inning disaster -- we got to see the remedial part of the bullpen quickly push the game out of reach. Remember when Derek Lowe pitched four innings in which the Rangers did not score a single run?

Six runs were scored and Derek Jeter had four hits, placing him seventh in four hit games against the White Sox decided by less than five runs. With one more such game, he will tie the legendary Wankie Tugger.

The Yankees will play baseball again at 8:10 PM tomorrow, so consider tuning in for that if you are a fan of baseball.