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Michael Pineda Arrested for DUI in Tampa

Facepalm about covers it, Mike.
Facepalm about covers it, Mike.

As if you needed another reason to be skeptical about this trade, the tale of Michael Pineda grows more frustrating. The 23 year old was arrested this morning around 2:30 a.m. with a blood-alcohol level of .128 and .125 in two different readings. It's a little concerning to see that he's spending his rehab time while trying to return from a torn labrum like this, because there is really no excuse for drinking and driving. Ever.

Unfortunately, this just darkens the cloud that has hung over the trade since the Yankees have only gotten a few starts out of Jose Campos to show for what was supposed to be the acquisition of a young, fireball pitcher to carry the rotation for years to come. Showing up overweight to Spring Training and then needing surgery that ended his season before it even began didn't really kick off Pineda's Yankee career as hoped.

No one knows what kind of pitcher Pineda will be when he returns, but now we know he will have a pretty significant mistake in judgement hurled at him by the general population whenever he fails to live up to expectations. Fair or not, he brought it on himself at this point.

What a terrible development in what has already been a disappointing story so far.