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Off-Day Yankee Memorabilia Video Discussion- Need Yankee-branded Toast?

The Yankees are off today. That's a bummer for us but probably good for the team.

Here's a video of me babbling about various Yankee paraphernalia that I've collected over the years. I realize it's a bit on the lengthier side at 15 minutes, but I toss a few stories behind the items in there as well and there's some cool stuff, so check it out.

I'll take a page from Greg's strategy book and ask a few questions to get a discussion going.

1) What's your oldest item of Yankee memorabilia? "Oldest" does not necessarily have to mean in age, it can also mean something that you've had close to you your entire left.

2) Whose player jersey/t-shirt do you wear most? The answer doesn't have to be a present player.

3) Baseball cards--were you ever into collecting them? Which are your favorites if you did?

4) Do you save the ticket stubs to games or do you ditch them? Some people think the memory itself of the game should be enough, and that's valid.

5) I realize that people probably aren't as bizarre as me with a big baseball DVD/VHS collection, but if you have any, which do you have?

6) What other memorabilia do you own beyond just the Yankees? You can venture into other teams, sports, or anything. You can even talk about your Operation: Desert Storm trading cards.