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Yankees 3, Rangers 2: Yankees Win By One Run Thanks To Freddy's Fantastic Pitching

"If Felix can do it..."
"If Felix can do it..."

Freddy Garcia did not pitch a perfect game tonight. King Felix handled that earlier in the day. What Freddy Garcia did do was pretty much shut down the Rangers offense to lead the Bombers to a 3-2 win.

This series has seen some incredible pitching from the Yankees. Not just the starters either. The bullpen has gotten the job done like Big Daddy Kane. They work, baby. The Rangers offense, you know one of the most dangerous offenses in the Major Leagues, have been silenced for the past 3 games. They have not managed to score more than two runs against our staff. Very impressive job.

Freddy was no stranger to the fantastic pitching against Texas. His line tonight reads; 6.2 innings pitched, two earned runs and four hits while striking out six and walking only one batter. Those two earned runs were dingers smashed by dinger machine Josh Hamilton. Consider the line and his otherwise great performance and I think you'll find those homers acceptable tonight. I sure hope so anyway. The three way bullpen fighting team of Boone Logan, David Robertson, and Rafael Soriano would finish the Rangers off. After a questionable call for Soriano's 3rd out, I was even more happy that they won.

Scott Feldman, or Bizarro Kramer as I called him all game, pitched six innings and gave up seven hits and three earned runs while striking out seven and walking four. Feldman pitched a decent game tonight. Three runs with the Rangers offense is still in no way a safe lead. One of those earned runs was a bloop single by Swisher. Bloops killed us not too long ago so it's nice of the Yankees to return the favor. Speaking of killing it; Eric Chavez. He did not know how to get out tonight. Three hits, one RBI and one walk reads his line. Another RBI from Curtis Granderson would be all the runs the Yanks would need tonight behind their incredible pitching.

The Yankees have already won the series. Ivan Nova will be called upon to face Derek Holland for the potential sweep tomorrow, or rather, this afternoon. Accursed Rain Delay. Get well soon, Cano.

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