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Trade Season Aftermath Open Thread

It's August 1st and trade season is now over with. Many a baseball player are now playing baseball on a team they were not previously playing baseball with. Ichiro Suzuki is now a New York Yankee. Casey McGee is now a New York Yankee. The reason Cashman made those trades is because Suzuki and McGee both rhyme with Yankee. You can see why these two trades work on so many levels, levels that rhymin' Greg Kirkland love so very much. I'm glad the Yankees did not do anything too crazy. I was getting worried they would after the A-Rod injury. Cashman seems to be a master of the unexpected though. I suppose that makes our trade seasons and offseason acquisitions that much more exciting. Or nerve wracking. Take your pick.

Well lets get these open thread topics going, shall we?

  1. Yankees Trade Season. How do you feel about what Cashman did or didn't do during this year's trade season? What do you wish he would have done or not done?
  2. Baseball Trade Season. How do you feel about what other teams did during the trade season? What teams do you think really made a big impact?
  3. Pinstriped Improvements. Where do you think the Yankees need improvement for the remainder of the second half? Do you think they need improvement at all?
  4. Personal Improvements. Hey, how's your life going? Are their any improvements you'd like to make in it right now?
  5. Sandwiches. I love Sandwiches. Do you like sandwiches? What is your favorite type of sandwich to eat? Include favorite bread, meat, toppings, sauces, the works!
  6. Mornings. Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning? Do you need breakfast? Do you need anything? Are you even up early enough for it to be considered the morning.