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Yankees Fans: Still Crazy After All These Years


Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

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This site seems to be a fan of facts. People like facts. I know I like facts. Facts either support my opinions or show me why my opinions are wrong or biased. There's nothing wrong with being wrong or even a tad biased. The Red Sox suck giant monkey balls no matter what. That is just pure, undeniable fact. Derek Jeter is going to play for the Yankees until Derek Jeter decides that he doesn't want to play anymore. Fact. Babe Ruth wasn't stupid enough to promise two home runs for a kid. Fact. Here in the 2012 Yankees season, there just seems to be one undeniable fact lately; the Yankees cannot go on a losing streak.

The fact of the matter is that the Yankees pretty much always have to win to keep this rabid, spoiled, scared little fanbase happy. Winning is everything. Winning is excitement. The spice must flow and other nerd references a lot of people will not get. Losing streaks are not acceptable. Losing means panic. Losing means they might not make the playoffs. "KHAAAAAAAAAAN!" It's just a mindset I simply cannot understand considering the insane success this organization has had over the past 15-16 years. It also makes me wonder what actually excites fans about the Yankees and baseball in general.

It definitely would have been nice to take a series against the Orioles. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are divisional rivals and more to do with the fact that the Yankees taking a series against any team is a good thing. You might say it's a baseball recipe for success. Sometimes the Yankees screw the recipe up. It's no reason to panic or actually say that the season might be in jeopardy. For all the standing watchers, the Yankees did not lose that much ground. Back to facts. Even if they got Buck swept today, the Yankees would still have the best marginal lead in the majors from their second place counterparts. Panic panic panic.

Then comes the dominance factor. How dominant do the Yankees have to be before people stop worrying about them? I know I've asked this question before, but series like this just prompt me to bring it up again. I can understand worrying about them due to injuries and piss poor management. Is it really that bad for people though? Did Cashman not provide the superstars needed this trade deadline? What is it that worries fans so much when they go on a losing streak? Is it just simple frustration?

I'd just really love to know. Knowing might help me understand and hate this kind of thinking and those kind of Yankees fans much much less. Probably not though. That's another fact.