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Yankees Off-Night Open Thread: Cano And The Home Run Derby

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Mood Music - Talking Softball from The Simpsons

It's the first day of the All Star Break. Of course that means one thing and one thing only; Dingers! The Home Run Derby presented by some sponsor that I don't remember is on tonight at 8PM on ESPN. The Yankees very own Robinson Cano will lead the American League Dinger Machines, Prince Fielder, Jose Bautista, and Mark Trumbo. Together they will face the likes of Matt Kemp, Carlos Gonzales, Carlos Beltran, and late addition Andrew McCutchen, who replaces the injured Giancarlo Stanton. Who will emerge victorious? Should the Home Run Derby help determine which team has home field advantage in the World Series?

Okay, I really hope no one takes that last sentence seriously. It's no less stupid than the All Star Game determining home field advantage, but I'd rather not give them any ideas. Now I don't get excited about the Home Run Derby. Home Runs are always fun to watch, but I really just don't enjoy the whole spectacle. This open thread can be much more than about the Home Run Derby. We can have topics to discuss. Topics of my own twisted design. Lets get to those topics now!

  • Cooking With Pinstripe Alley. Can you cook? If so, what is your favorite thing to make?
  • Non-Alcoholic. What is your favorite non-alcoholic thing to drink? Sodas? Juices? Non-Alcoholic beer?
  • Bored Games. Did you have a favorite board game growing up? Do you still have a favorite board game? If so, tell us which one!
  • Home Improvement Derby. Do you like to work with tools? Do you like to build things?
  • Home Run Improvement Derby. If you do not like the Home Run Derby, how would you improve it? Would you just outright get rid of it?
  • Art Attack. Can anyone here draw? Or paint? Or even color between the lines?
  • Stuck on the Web. Besides this site, what other websites do you spend too much time on?
  • Gambling. Do you gamble?

Enjoy your off-night everyone!