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Yankees News And Notes: We're The Best Around

"The derby is easy!"  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
"The derby is easy!" (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Mood Music - You're The Best by Joe Esposito

Ivan Nova continued his winning ways last night. His six inning, ten strike out, one earned run performance was enough to help the Yankees defeat the Red Sox 7-3. Andruw Jones almost single handedly took care of the Sox this weekend. Now it's the All Star Break. The Yankees' 52-33 record is the best in baseball. They have a seven game lead over the second place Baltimore Orioles. Life is good in the land of pinstripes.

The feud between Mark Teixeira and his arch-nemesis Vincent Padilla is apparently far from over. Padilla has now claimed that it has nothing to do with him hitting Tex and has instead played the racism card. Mark Teixeira doesn't like Latino players. ¿Que? There has never been any evidence of this in the Yankees clubhouse. I've literally been in the Yankees clubhouse and I never saw him avoid any of our Latino players or be anything but jovial with them. Padilla's evidence looks to be disputable. This will hopefully not show up on the field. We play the Red Sox twelve more times this year. Unbelievable.

CC Sabathia threw a bullpen session yesterday in his quest to get off the DL and back on the mound. Sources say that he is using the song I posted for the mood music to help with his recovery. These sources are in my 80's riddled head. CC will still attend the All Star Game this Tuesday to throw a bullpen session for the American League team. What a trooper. He is expected to start on Tuesday, July 17th against the Blue Jays. Side note; we will face the Blue Jays seventeen times during the second half. Learn their Canadian ways, CC.

The Futures Game was last night and the USA was victorious against the World Team, winning by a score of 17-5. Yankees prospect Tyler Austin was scheduled to attend but was unable to due to his recent concussion. Former Yankees prospect Bernie Williams managed the World Team. This was his first time managing a team. Will it be his last?

The Yankees may be on break but tonight Robinson Cano will lead the American League into Home Run Kombat against the National League in the Home Run Derby. The Derby starts at 8PM.