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Yankees' Minor League Positional Depth Chart

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A brief and inexact representation of who is playing where within the Yankee system. The thing about the minor leagues is that a lot of guys play all over the place (like Rob Segedin, hence the asterisk). It's hard to say "ok, this is the shortstop" when he may very well play left field tomorrow. Sometimes the prospects have to make way for better prospects or guys who just can't play anywhere else. That's why Tyler Austin was moved to right field, after all.

The players listed outside of the diamond on the right are players who just didn't fit in a normal spot. Abe Almonte kind of plays all over the place, Casey Stevenson and Ramiro Pena are backups that get a decent amount of playing time, Tampa still hasn't figured out what to do with all their outfielders, so Heathcott is DHing right now. That sort of thing. Injured players like Eduardo Nunez and Austin Romine are listed as the main player because they would be/will be when they are not injured. This is far from a complete list, it's just a very basic guideline to where the names you may know are right now.

With the exception of the aforementioned guys on the right-hand side, the list reads with the AAA guys at the top of their respective positions. I didn't look at players any lower than Charleston for the sake of time, and because things just get crazy when trying to dissect rosters in short season and rookie ball.