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New York Yankees News & Notes: 7/6/12

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- Everything was coming up Yankees in the month of June, from hot hitting to extremely successful pitching. The staff had the 2nd lowest ERA in baseball over that time, trailing only the Mets. Robinson Cano was an offensive force, hitting .340/.416/.730 for the month. Seems like Nick Swisher's .321/.406/.548 line for June was overshadowed by Cano's contributions, but Swisher is the one chasing a contract for next year and every little bit helps.

- Two looks at the state of the Yankee farm system! One pessimistic, one optimistic. The minors have been rocked by injury and ineffectiveness, on top of the fact that a large majority of the talent is still in A-ball. Seems pretty easy to be on the fence with this one.

- Hiroki Kuroda's life growing up while playing baseball in Japan was harder than most can imagine.

- As the team opens a series with the Red Sox this evening, they won't be facing Dustin Pedroia, who hit the disabled list with a thumb injury. Pedroia isn't having a great season, but having our pitchers face Nick Punto instead is definitely a positive.

- Joe Posnanski does a draft-style selection of All-Star vote totals vs WAR positional leaders. You probably can't go wrong with either team, but his projections come out in favor of the All-WAR team. No one is surprised, right? Mike Trout.

- Minor League Ball profiled all the players in the upcoming Futures Game, including our own Tyler Austin. Here are the posts on the World Hitters, World Pitchers, U.S. Hitters, and U.S. Pitchers. The game is Sunday at 5 p.m. on ESPN2.