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Yankees News & Notes: Thursday 7/5/2012

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Halfway there. 49-32, in first place by five games. Keep it up, you crazy kids.

The Yankees were able to salvage the last game of their three-game series in Tampa yesterday, and the victory was the team's first win at Tropicana Field since July 20th of last year. So huzzah for breaking that schneid. They won't have to return to the Trop until September 3rd, when I'm sure they will exact revenge for the early-season woes. Right? Right. Sounds good. The Yanks have the day off today, then they'll start their final series before the All-Star Break in Boston tomorrow.

  • The big news on the team aside from the 4-3 win was the acquisition of former Red Sox outfielder Darnell McDonald off waivers. The Star-Ledger has the precise details of the transaction: The righthanded McDonald will join the team in Boston to help the team face Boston's three lefty starters and David Phelps, who started yesterday for the Yankees in Tampa, will return to the minors. Reliever Chris Schwinden (who was just acquired last month) will be designated for assignment to make room for McDonald on the 40-man roster. The Yankees will carry six outfielders for the series in Boston. Phelps wasn't going to pitch this weekend after starting and CC Sabathia is due to return from the Disabled List after the All-Star Break, but they will have a decision facing them with the six outfielders once CC's ready, that's for sure. It seems like a lot of moving around for a guy who probably won't do much, but maybe McDonald will be amped up to stick it to his former team. If not... he probably won't be on the Yankees for long.
  • Also noted in that Star-Ledger article is the fact that the Yankees will use their "26th man" doubleheader option to bring reliever Cory Wade back for Saturday's shenanigans. Wade will return to the minors immediately after the game. Ah, logistics.
  • The Yankees have been forced to rely on Freddy Garcia's starting pitching talents for a couple of months while Andy Pettitte recovers from his ankle injury. The Yankee Analysts looked into why Garcia has pitched better lately than in April, and their conclusion was that he had a slight uptick in velocity, and he also abandoned his splitter for some reason. Whatever works, Sweaty Freddy.
  • Newly-promoted Tampa Yankee Tyler Austin had a rough introduction to the Florida State League on Tuesday, when he was beaned in the head and had to leave the game. Fortunately, CT scans came up negative, so it doesn't look like Austin will have to miss time. Head injuries are always tough to handle, so it's good that Austin is fine.
  • This happened yesterday. It was extremely dumb, but will likely be forgotten thanks to the game's outcome. It was still embarrassing.
  • Dying for an update on the reports of Brian Cashman's stalker? The Daily News has you covered.
  • Look into the face of America and and embrace it. Woah..
  • Your Mearns-approved Random Twitter Account to Follow of the Day: Muggle Hustle- Presenting a 24-year-old's reactions upon reading the Harry Potter book series for the first time. No shame.