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Yankees 4 - Rays 3

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Groundbreaking! A blogger on the internet is going to tell you that assigning wins to a pitcher is often pointless and misleading. Boone Logan -- who inherited a 1-1 tie in the seventh inning and promptly gave up a two run home run to Carlos Pena -- will get credit for tonight's victory. Win Probability Added:

David Phelps: +.014
Clay Rapada: -.013
Cody Eppley: +.112
Boone Logan: -.310
David Robertson: +.125
Rafael Soriano: +.167

With the possible exception of Clay Rapada -- who faced only one batter -- every pitcher brought into the game pitched well. David Phelps gave up one run, struck out eight, and got into the fifth inning while on a limited pitch count. Cody Eppley got some more huge outs that no one expected him to get. David Robertson and Rafael Soriano did their jobs with the last six outs of the game. Boone Logan is tonight's winning pitcher. This was the pitch that Logan threw to Carlos Pena:

Mariano Rivera has had one winning season since 2006, when he was 6-5 in 2008.

Will they leave him in for the last out of the inning to give him another chance to get the win? Can he finish five innings to qualify for the win? The bullpen blew up and cost him his win. Just stop all of this. It is the most insignificant bookkeeping that has nothing to do with anything.

Wow, who would hijack the opening of a recap of a great win to go on a tangential rant about pitcher wins? I swear, to do that, you'd have to be a real

  • David Phelps recorded thirteen outs tonight. Two flyouts to center field and a lineout to second base were the only ones he really got in the field. The other ten came on a sacrifice bunt, Russell Martin picking Sean Rodriguez off of first base, and eight strikeouts. The strikeouts were great, but not getting any quick outs and being capped at 80-85 pitches had the Yankees into the bullpen by the fifth inning.
  • Cody Eppley. Never forget.
  • Curtis Granderson saw 34 pitches tonight.
  • With David Price pitching the way that he pitched, the Yankees really had no business winning this game. With Kyle Farnsworth pitching the way that he pitched, the Rays really had no business winning this game. After some consideration, Farnsworth's immovable object trumped Price's unstoppable force.
  • The only damage done against David Price was a Mark Teixeira home run to left center in the seventh inning. Price threw only a handful of hittable pitches tonight and Tex jumped all over one.
  • Farnsworth's meltdown took place in the eighth inning when he walked four out of the first five Yankees to come to the plate. The final walk was to Alex Rodriguez, who forced in the Yankees second run by taking several pitches just off the outside corner. After Farnsworth was lifted for Jake McGee, Robison Cano put the Yankees on top with a line drive single to center field.
  • With tonight's win, the Yankees are now 49-32 with a five game lead in the AL East at the halfway point in the season. If my multiplying by two skills can be trusted, that puts them on pace for a 98 win season.