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Yankees Sign Darnell McDonald for Trolling, Will Join Team on Friday

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The newest Yankee outfielder. Embrace him?
The newest Yankee outfielder. Embrace him?

UPDATE: In the comments section below, Tanya hit on an important point: the Yankees will be facing three southpaws in Boston. So they likely picked up the righthanded McDonald so that he could hit against them and perhaps have more success than the lefthanded DeWayne Wise. It seems extremely arbitrary to get rid of Wise, who will probably not clear waivers, so that McDonald could help in this one series. I suppose they could also send down a pitcher instead, but who knows. They could potentially send David Phelps down to the minors after his start and use a five-man bench since CC Sabathia will be coming back after the All-Star Break anyway. Someone's going to have to go eventually when CC returns though. That doubleheader this weekend makes everything weird. Maybe the Yankees are just hoping for some insider information from McDonald.

Color me extremely confused about this move. The Yankees have claimed outfielder Darnell McDonald off waivers from the Red Sox, and coincidentally, he will join the Yankees on Friday when they go to Boston. The Yankees will have to make a move on their 25-man roster to get McDonald on, so because he's an outfielder, this likely means goodbye to DeWayne Wise or perhaps Jayson Nix. It will probably be Wise who gets cut though since Nix can also play the infield, and that's a darn shame because Wise had been hitting surprisingly well lately for the Yankees. I highly doubt the struggling Raul Ibanez is going anywhere considering how much the Yankees seem to love him. The 33-year-old McDonald was hitting .214/.309/.369 with two homers and a wRC+ of 80 with Boston.

To make room for McDonald on the 40-man roster, the recently acquired reliever Chris Schwinden will be designated for assignment. We hardly knew ye. A random reliever isn't so bad of a casualty though. He'll likely move on to his fifth different team of the year (he was moved around four times in June, from Toronto to the Mets to the Indians to the Yankees).

McDonald was not having a good season with Boston at all, and that team is desperate for outfield help, so who knows why the Yankees thought he might be fun to have on the team. I'm convinced that they're just doing this in hopes that McDonald shoves his recent DFA in Boston's face during the weekend series. Brian Cashman is the ultimate troll, apparently. Unfortunately, it seems DeWayne Wise is the victim. Here's hoping the Yankees know something that we don't about McDonald.

Sigh. At least he's happy about it.