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Yankees News: 7/4/2012

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If you're reading this, you should probably stop and go outside or something. Our Founding Fathers didn't give up their lives battling bears and communists so that you could spend your whole life on the internet. It's an American Holiday, go have a ridiculous amount of food and six or seven beers.

As you're still reading and have not taken my suggestion, here's some baseball links.

Yankees Struggling with AL East Rivals
With last night's loss to the Rays, the Yankees are now 11-12 in AL East play and 4-7 against the Rays. Not particularly meaningful with so few games, but winning head-to-head matchups is the easiest way to move up in the division standings.

As Yankees Bat Around Deadline Ideas, Offense Should Not Be Overlooked
From our own William Juliano at The Captain's Blog.

Joba Chamberlain Could See Action Soon
"Everything is good. The ankle is taken care of. The ankle is fine. My elbow is, obviously, great. I just have to continue to maintain those two good feelings and get back into some games."

Tyler Austin Hit in the Head in Tampa Debut
Austin did not seem to have any serious injury as a result of the play, but that's never good to hear about.