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Have Joba Chamberlain's Pitching Mechanics Changed?

Here is some video. First, Joba Chamberlain pitching last season, prior to his injury:

Post injury Joba, plus a few thoughts, after the jump...

Here is video of Joba rehabbing in Trenton, post injuries:

Some thoughts:

  • Joba has always been a max effort guy, and that's very evident in the first video. Things appear to have changed though, as he looks much more relaxed on the mound since returning. Maybe it's because he's pitching in Double-A and isn't jacked up on adrenaline, but based on this video, I see something different.
  • Joba always had a bit of a hitch in his delivery, but he appears to have smoothed that out since returning. Everything looks free and easy in his rehab video, and his velocity looks effortless. He's been clocked at 100 MPH already, and is consistently sitting in the upper 90s with his fastball.
  • Joba fell off to the first base side consistently prior to his injury, and while that is still consistent since his return, he looks a bit more in control of himself upon landing.

While these changes may be very subtle, they could be key in keeping Joba healthy and highly effective moving forward. It's been a long road back for the big righty since last season, and I'm excited to see him back on the mound for the Yankees in the very near future.

I'm interested in hearing some other thoughts on Joba's delivery. Do you think he's changed his mechanics since returning from his injuries?