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Will the Yankees Trade if Teixeira is Out?

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We're still waiting for word on Mark Teixeira's wrist MRI, but with the 4pm EST non-waiver trading deadline looming, the Yankees will have to act quickly if they're going to make a move. But do they have to? Can they sustain another injury and keep going?

During the current 3-8 stretch dating back to the sweep of Toronto, the Yankees have hit .236/.293/.398 and scored an average of 3.9 runs a game. The league average AL offense is scoring about 4.5 overall, and the Yankees are at 4.8 for the season. The question now is whether this is just a transient slump or toll of some weaker parts getting more exposure. Unfortunately, there is no right answer--it's your best guess, and theirs.

UPDATE: Just as I posted this, it was announced that there was no structural damage to Teixeira's wrist, he recieved a cortisone shot, and will be reevaluated in a few days. So the question becomes, does the offense need help anyway?