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Trade Deadline Open Thread


Someone will probably be updating this post with various rumors, Twitter spam and maybe even an actual move or two. Not sure who it's going to be, but somebody.

This is your open thread. Felix Hernandez is not being traded.

Tanya Update: Some notable deals and rumors. We'll try to keep this updated.

Yankees acquire Casey McGehee for Chad Qualls from the Pirates.

Bob Nightengale reports the Yankees and Cubs are "engaged in heavy discussions" about Ryan Dempster. Dodgers are out of the running for Dempster.

Ryan Dempster to Texas Rangers.

Chase Headley staying put unless someone blows them away with an offer in the next 20 minutes.

Jonathan Broxton traded to the Cincinnati Reds.

Shane Victorino traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Josh Lindblom, Ethan Martin, and a PTBNL or cash

Hunter Pence traded to the San Francisco Giants for Tommy Joseph, complete with Grant Brisbee analysis

Rob Update: More on the Pence deal, via Jon Heyman on Twitter: hear pence will be 3 for 1. fine young catcher tommy joseph & OF nate schierholtz r in deal. a pitcher may go to philly 2