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Gratuitous Yankees Prospect Video Post

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It offers exactly what it promises. For those who like posts without words, this is perfect for you. No words beyond these few words you're reading, or skimming over, before the page break. If you've never seen what Manny Banuelos or Dellin Betances' pitching motion looks like, or just want to see one of the last hits Brett Gardner will get this year, there are videos below. I promise.

There's even one before the page break, in case people don't trust me. I'd completely understand if they didn't. Most of the people checking this probably have no idea who I am. Strangers are scary like that. Keep in mind these were all shot on a cell phone. Doing the best with what I have, people.

Manny Banuelos

Banuelos strikeout

Dellin Betances

More Betances (and Cervelli screaming for whatever reason)

Brett Gardner

Former Yankee D.J. Mitchell

Ravel Santana

And some extra stuff with Braves prospect Julio Teheran, in case anyone is interested in that kind of thing.