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Orioles 5, Yankees 4: The One Run Loss Strikes Again

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 (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)
Please be okay (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)
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These are the hard to write recaps, ladies and gentlemen and those close to YouTube commenters at times during the game thread. These are the recaps that make you just want to say "Screw it all!" and go gather recipes on Food You know what? That's exactly what I'm going to do. Ooooh, Bacon Mac & Cheese. Fine, I'll write this bitch up. Damn responsibility. Like the title says, the Yankees once again have lost by one run. This time it's another AL East team we've been defeated by. The team that I seem to get the Game Thread & Game Recap for more than any other team this year. The Baltimore Orioles.

The final score of this game was 5-4 in favor of the playoff hunting Orioles. Showalter's merry little band of misfits are hanging strong and are not going away, much like Robin Hood vs. Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham. I wonder if the stories consider Robin Hood's victory a one run win. I hate to harp on the fact that the Yankees have lost another one run game. It's just nice to hope that they'd stop losing like that after that west coast trip and the loss last night. A loss is a loss though no matter how many ways you slice it. Let's slice up this loss and move on towards tomorrow and hopefully some victories.

The Freddy Garcia of today did not pitch as well as the Freddy Garcia who pitched so well during his last outing that Girardi pulling him from the game caused quite the Binder-evil inducing outrage with fans and bloggers everywhere. Garcia went six innings, giving up three earned runs, one home run and nine hits while striking out two and walking none. Those were not bloop hits Freddy gave up either. Almost all of them were hard hit. Even with his not-so-good line, three runs over six innings is not terrible from your replacement starter with this Yankees lineup, the very same Yankees lineup that scored four runs today. We'll get to them in a sentence or three. Before that, the bullpen. Boone Logan would follow Freddy's performance by giving up another two earned runs. Those two earned runs would be the Yankees undoing. David Phelps came into the game after Logan and was damn near lights out for 1.2 innings. Definitely a positive on this negative night. Phelps was followed by questionable but effective bullpen moves of Rapada and Qualls. Just accept it.

The offense only managed six hits off of Miguel Gonzalez over 6.2 innings. They made those six hits count though as they managed to score four earned runs off of him. Raul Ibanez, Eric Chavez, and our newest star in pinstripes Ichiro Suzuki all contributed some homers. Alas the Yankees were a dinger or two short from a win tonight. Other than the three players I just mentioned, our beloved Captain and Nick Swisher were the only other Yankees to contribute any offense tonight. It's sad. It happens. Three losses in a row. That's not even the worst of it either.

Mark Teixeira was pulled from the game early due to a potential wrist injury. You know the one I'm talking about. The potential wrist injury we really, really, really, REALLY do not need him to have right now. Not during the very dead end of trade season after already losing A-Rod. Tex will go for an MRI tomorrow to fully check on his condition. As if I needed another reason not to look forward to Twitter tomorrow for Yankees' trade news. Cashman has been good so far and the Yankees do have options in the minors. Oh I am dreading tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Yankees continue their 3-game series against the Orioles. Nova shall pitch for the Yankees. Hopefully he shall pitch well.