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This Day in Yankees History: Classic Yankees Highlights- July 29, 2012

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I've looked through past July 29ths in Yankees history, and there really weren't many exciting games or acquisitions to report. I think my favorite game of the ones I perused was July 29, 1955, when the Yankees defeated the Kansas City Athletics 3-2. Former New York rotation stalwart Vic Raschi took the hill for Kansas City in his final career season against Yankee ace Whitey Ford, and the two gave up just a run apiece through six innings. In the seventh, Whitey stunned the crowd and his ex-teammate by slugging a solo homer to break the tie, the first of only three home runs he would hit in his career. The Athletics responded by sending up veteran outfielder Enos Slaughter to pinch-hit for Raschi against Ford, and he exacted revenge on the Yankees for trading him in May by driving a ball into the stands to tie the game again. The Yankees took the lead right back in the bottom of the eighth against reliever Tom Gorman on an RBI single by first baseman Joe Collins to bring Mickey Mantle home, and Ford finished his five-hitter in the ninth to secure a 3-2 win.

It's not really a very significant game since K.C. was an also-ran going nowhere that year and the Yankees were on their way to yet another World Series appearance. It wasn't a launching pad for a winning streak or anything; I just was really amused by the idea of Whitey Ford actually hitting a homer, against a former teammate no less. I really wish there were more videos available of classic moments like these, but alas, they are difficult to find. does have a nice collection of various Yankee highlights though; it's just a matter of getting them properly organized. Therefore, as a Sunday treat, I've assembled many of these clips into a post in place of a more detailed "This Day in Yankees History" today since the selection for today was not great. It's just a pain to sort through's Video Archives, so hopefully this feature makes it easier to enjoy the past. If there are any requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments, and I'll see if I can scrounge them up.

Take a moment and go back in time. Please don't bring Pitbull.


1932- Babe Ruth's "Called Shot"

1939- Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech

1941- Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak and career summary

1956- Don Larsen throws perfect game in World Series Game 6

1961- Roger Maris hits #61 of '61

1976- Chris Chambliss send the Yankees to the World Series

1977- Reggie Jackson hits three homers in World Series Game 6

1978- Bucky Dent's shocks Boston in AL East playoff game

1983- Dave Righetti throws July 4th no-hitter against Boston

1996- Jim Leyritz's three-run homer shifts World Series momentum

1996- Yankees end 18-year drought, win World Series

1998- David Wells throws a perfect game against the Twins

1999- David Cone throws a perfect game on "Yogi Berra Day"

2001- Derek Jeter's "Flip" play in ALDS Game 3 saves season

2001- Tino Martinez & Derek Jeter win World Series Game 4

2003- Aaron Boone sends the Yankees to the World Series


27 Titles

1941- Dodgers throw away strike three, Yankees win World Series Game 1

1943- Yankees win 10th World Series

1950- Allie Reynolds ends World Series against Phillies

1952- Yogi homers at Ebbets Field in World Series

1952- Yankees defeat Brooklyn Dodgers in World Series Game 7

1953- Billy Martin wins the World Series with a walk-off single

1958- Bob Turley completes World Series MVP performance

1962- Bobby Richardson snares line drive to end World Series

1964- Mickey Mantle's walk-off homer decides World Series Game 3

1977- Yankees rally past Royals in ALCS

1978- Graig Nettles shines on defense in World Series

1978- Pop up to Thurman Munson ends World Series

1979- After Munson's funeral, eulogist Bobby Murcer defeats the Orioles

1996- Dwight Gooden no-hits the Mariners

1996- Jeter ties ALCS Game 1, gets assist from fan Jeffrey Maier

1996- Against Baltimore, Bernie Williams ends ALCS Game 1 with a homer

1996- Yankees finish World Series Game 4 comeback in the 10th

1998- Tino Martinez''s grand slam ties World Series Game 1

1998- Yankees complete World Series sweep

1999- Against Boston, Bernie Williams again ends ALCS Game 1 with a homer

1999- Chuck Knoblauch's 8th inning homer ties World Series Game 3

1999- Unlikely hero Chad Curtis walks off in World Series Game 3

1999- Rivera ends World Series sweep, wins MVP

2000- Roger Clemens strikes out 15 in one-hit shutout in ALCS Game 4

2001- Scott Brosius ties World Series Game 5 with two outs in the 9th

2001- Alfonso Soriano ends 12-inning marathon, gives Yanks World Series lead

2003- Jorge Posada completes ALCS Game 7 rally with two-run double

2003- Mariano Rivera throws 3 scoreless in ALCS Game 7, wins MVP

2009- Alex Rodriguez & Mark Teixeira win ALDS Game 2

2009- Hideki Matsui has 6 RBI in World Series Game 6, wins MVP

2009- Yankees clinch 27th World Series championship

2010- A-Rod's 600th home run

2011- Jeter's 3,000th hit

2011- Rivera breaks saves record with #602

** Remembers Murcer

Tribute to Bob Sheppard

Tribute to George Steinbrenner

1924- Ruth and other stars featured in instructional video

1947- Yogi hits 1st pinch-hit homer in World Series history

1951- Yankees and Giants have a Subway Series

1952- Yankees force World Series Game 7 against Brooklyn Dodgers

1960- Mantle drives RBI single in World Series Game 7

1965- Mantle hits 1st Astrodome home run

1969- "Mickey Mantle Day"

1978- Further Nettles greatness in World Series

1981- Goose Gossage ends the AL East Division Series

1987- Don Mattingly homers in 8th consecutive game (more highlights, including 6th grand slam)

1991- Old Timers' Day highlights

1995- Mattingly hits 1st playoff homer

1995- Rivera preserves lead for 3.1 innings in ALDS Game 2

1996- Andy Pettitte 8.2 inning shutout start in World Series Game 5

1996- Joe Girardi's triple gives the Yankees a World Series Game 6 lead


2001- Mike Mussina narrowly misses a perfect game

2003- Roger Clemens gets 300th win, 4,000th strikeout

2004- Jeter flies into the stands making an extra-inning catch

2006- Posada completes nine-run comeback with walk-off homer

2007- A-Rod's 500th home run

2008- Johnny Damon goes 6-for-6


2009- Rivera's 500th save (and 1st RBI)

2009- Melky Cabrera hits for the cycle

2009- Jeter becomes all-time Yankee hit king

2009- CC Sabathia wins ALCS MVP with this start (and this start)

2011- Yankees set record with three-slam game

2011- Robinson Cano's ALDS Game 1 grand slam


1953- Mantle's 1st tape-measure home run

1981- Bob Watson belts go-ahead homer in World Series Game 1

1987- Dave Winfield hits a grand slam

1990- Bizarre 8-inning no-hit loss for Andy Hawkins

1993- Lee Smith's 400th save

1994- Mattingly's 1,000th RBI

1995- Paul O'Neill belts three homers against the Angels

1996- Rivera's 1st save

1996- O'Neill hits bomb to Eutaw Street

1998- Tino HBP leads to brawl with Baltimore

1999- Rivera's 100th save

1999- Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez throws glove to first

1999- Chili Davis's homer interrupts Pedro Martinez's 17-K, one-hit night

1999- Hideki Irabu induces a double play in ALCS Game 3

2000- Jeter's 1,000th hit

2000- Mike Stanton's relief helps Yanks win World Series Game 5

2001- Rivera's 200th save

2001- Clemens strikes out 10 in World Series Game 7

2003- Grand slam welcomes Matsui to Yankee Stadium

2003- Matsui singles in All-Star Game

2003- Boone tags Jack Cust falling down to end game

2004- A-Rod triples in All-Star Game

2005- A-Rod hits 3 homers, drives in 10 runs

2005- Posada's 1,000th hit

2005- A-Rod's 400th home run

2005- Posada blasts into Yankee Stadium's left field upper deck

2005- Posada picks Carl Crawford off at 3rd base

2005- Posada blocks counterpart Jason Varitek at the plate

2005- Jason Giambi hits one to Eutaw Street

2006- Rivera's 400th save

2006- Posada goes to Eutaw Street in 9th inning for the win

2007- Posada's 200th home run

2008- Giambi hits one to Eutaw Street two nights in a row (Night 2)

2008- Cano goes to Eutaw Street

2008- Bob Sheppard announces final Yankee Stadium lineup

2008- Jeter becomes Yankee Stadium hit king

2011- Tino's Old Timers' Day homer

2011- Teixeira's 300th home run

Retired Number/Monument Features

Full Feature: Part 1, Part 2

Miller Huggins

George Steinbrenner

#1- Billy Martin

#3- Babe Ruth

#4- Lou Gehrig

#5- Joe DiMaggio

#7- Mickey Mantle

#8- Yogi Berra

#8- Bill Dickey

#9- Roger Maris

#10- Phil Rizzuto

#15- Thurman Munson

#16- Whitey Ford

#23- Don Mattingly

#32- Elston Howard

#37- Casey Stengel

#44- Reggie Jackson

#49- Ron Guidry

Not all Yankees, but Yankee-related

~15 minutes of World Series moments

1971- Reggie's tape-measure All-Star homer (OAK)

1984- Reggie's 500th home run (CAL)

1989- Paul O'Neill bobbles ball, kicks it in, saves run (CIN)

1991- Rickey Henderson steals record #939 (OAK)

1993- Joe DiMaggio throws Marlins' 1st pitch (FLA)

1993- Winfield's 3,000th hit (MIN)

1995- A-Rod's 1st home run (SEA)

1996- Al Leiter no-hits the Rockies (FLA)

1997- A-Rod's 200th home run (TEX)

1999- Wade Boggs's 3,000th hit (TBD)

2001- A.J. Burnett no-hits the Padres (FLA)

2001- Rickey Henderson's 3,000th hit (SDP)

2001- President Bush's World Series 1st pitch strike

2002- Andruw Jones's defense in his prime (ATL)

2003- A-Rod's 300th home run (TEX)

2008- Final Yankee Stadium All-Star Game

2011- Matsui hits 500th combined home run between Japan & US (OAK)

"Look Back" at Boggs

"Look Back" at Goose

"Look Back" at Reggie

"Look Back" at Rickey

"Look Back" at Winfield