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Yankees 10, Red Sox 3: Dingers, Dingers Everywhere

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This happened a lot.
This happened a lot.

You get a home run, and you get a home run, and you get a home run seemed to be the story of tonight's series opener against the Red Sox at the Stadium. Phil Hughes gave up three solo homers to Dustin Pedroia, Carl Crawford, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia in his seven innings in the game. The three homers were three of only five hits Hughes gave up in addition to a walk while striking out five batters. David Robertson and Cody Eppley finished the game, allowing three hits and two strikeouts (both by Eppley) between them.

Luckily for Hughes, the Yankee offense had plenty of home run aspirations of their own. Raul Ibanez struck first after the Red Sox botched what should have likely been a double play off the bat of Mark Teixeira. A successful turn would have ended the inning and the old man made them pay for it. It seems as though he'll hit just enough homers to avoid a proper burial. Sensing that he may need to catch up in the "do nothing for weeks, occasionally hit homers" contest, Russell Martin provided a two-run shot of his own to go along with a walk on the night.

The biggest home run of them all came in the 8th inning with former Yankee Mark Melancon serving up a grand slam to Curtis Granderson for his 28th homer of the season. Grandy also chipped in a double and single to fall a triple short of the cycle. Two singles from Robinson Cano, a single and a walk from Derek Jeter, a single by Ichiro, and an Andruw Jones double rounded out the Yankee offense.

Jones' double only half-atoned for the fact that he became Aaron Cook's fourth strikeout victim on the season. If anyone was going to fall to that fate, the good money was on Druw or Grandy anyway. The fragile Eric Chavez was hit by a pitch in the shin, but ultimately stayed in the game. Hopefully he'll be fine, because a world where Jayson Nix plays third base regularly is not a world I want to live in.

These two teams go at it again tomorrow afternoon on FOX with CC Sabathia facing Jon Lester. Try to hide your excitement.

Update: Oh boy!

Girardi said Eric Chavez stiffened up after the hbp tonight. "We'll have to see what we have tomorrow."