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Could David Adams be an Option at Third Base?

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With Alex Rodriguez on the shelf with a fractured hand for the next month or so, the Yankees might be looking to the farm system in usual places for a potential replacement instead of the trade market. David Adams is normally the second baseman for the Trenton Thunder with Addison Maruszak getting the bulk of playing time at third, but Adams gets the edge here for being on the 40-man roster already if he can be less than a disaster on defense.

In 56 games this season, Adams has hit .320/.388/.438 with four homers and three stolen bases. When compared to his likely in-house competition in Brandon Laird, who is hitting .247/.307/.403 for AAA Empire State, it might not be such a surprise that the Yankees would want to see what, if anything, Adams can do at third.

Fortunately, it wouldn't be the first time he's ever picked up a glove at third base, considering Adams played 14 games there in 2009 with the Charleston RiverDogs. He made three errors at the position over that time, so it's probably hard to imagine he'd be flawless defensively, but they probably aren't expecting miracles anyway. Laird's defense certainly hasn't been his strong suit, so he doesn't even really have that going for him in the pecking order either.

It seems as though the plan right now is to roll with Eric Chavez and Jayson Nix for as long as possible, but Chavez is made of antique glass and Jayson Nix, game-winning hit yesterday aside, is a career .211 hitter for a reason. Everything points to needing a backup plan for if things go horribly wrong, and it's possible that David Adams could be just that. With the price of options like Chase Headley likely being sky-high for what will almost certainly be only a temporarily replacement at third base, it's hard to blame the Yankees for trying to get anything they can out of the players they already have.