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Brian Cashman Impressed with Joba Chamberlain
"Joba’s out of control. The stuff he’s featuring is remarkable. He’s as high as 100 (mph) but upwards consistently (at) 96, 97, 98. He looks really good."

Ichiro to Play Left Field
"I think with the way our ballpark is, it just makes sense to put him in left and keep Swish in right," Girardi said. "We're just going to throw him out there. He's athletic enough. I know it's been a long time since he's done it, but the best experience he's going to get is just going out there."

Gardner Undergoes Elbow Surgery
"Everything went well," Girardi said. "We'll get a chance to see him when we get back [to New York] and get a better idea what we're looking at."

Cashman Insists that Rivera is Out for the Season
"He's not coming back this year and I wish he was, I wish he was, but unfortunately people get excited."