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Pinstripe Pulse: The Pitchers

Welcome the inaugural Pitchers' edition of the Pinstripe Pulse. Like its counterpart for the offense, this feature will check in on the state of the Yankees’ pitching staff each week, but begins with a comparison of performance before and after the All Star Break. Directional arrows will be used to highlight trends, but some special friends from Yankees’ history will be employed for emphasis.

As a staff, Yankees pitchers have stepped up their game following the Midseason Classic, posting a 3.34 ERA that was almost half a run better than before the break. The rotation’s ERA of 3.48 since the All Star Game represents a slight improvement from the preceding period and ranks third best in the American League during that span. The relievers’ ERA of 2.92 over the last 11 games is fifth best in the A.L., which has helped the Yankees’ bullpen maintain a similar ranking for the entire season. Listed below is a status report for each individual member of the pitching staff along with select updates from the disabled list and minor leagues.


Note: Current period includes statistics compiled from July 13 to July 23.