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Afternoon Yankees News And Notes 7/24/12: All About Ichiro

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Not touching you.
Not touching you.

It's been almost 24 hours and it still seems weird. Ichiro Suzuki is a Yankee. That definitely ranks up there with things I never thought I'd be able to say. Ichiro is a Mariner. He will always be a Mariner whenever I think about him, so this really doesn't make sense. But right now, Ichiro is a Yankee, and it begs the question; now what?

I'm getting ahead of myself. A player of Ichiro's status, a guy who meant so much to Mariners fans, deserves a proper sendoff. Lookout Landing provides the local eulogy, and it's predictably awesome.

As for the actual trade, it didn't happen without a few sacrifices. Obviously the Yankees sacrificed a couple minor league arms, but this is about the sacrifices Ichiro had to make to help the trade along. He's always been the every day right fielder that hits in the leadoff spot. That isn't going to happen anymore. outlines how he met the team halfway to get what he wanted. It also has video of the ovation Seattle fans gave Ichiro in his first at-bat, in case you want to watch it a few dozen times.

I said yesterday that trading for Ichiro makes him just another part to a larger machine, but how does that part fit in? The Yankee Analysts glanced at the blueprints and reached the logical conclusion: he's a speedy replacement in left for Raul Ibanez. That's really all that can be expected right now. The batted ball numbers point to some sort of correction being in the cards, but it's not an expectation. It would make the trade look a lot better if they did normalize, even a little, just don't count on it.

Not everything should be about Ichiro, I guess. There's also Mariano Rivera. Brian Cashman was on the radio this morning, because apparently people still listen to the radio, and said he doesn't expect Rivera to be back this season. Brian Hoch has the important transcript from the air sound. This is just about the least surprising thing to hear from Cashman, and really, it's probably for the best. The team has been just fine with Rafael Soriano closing games, so if we really want another chance to see Rivera in the ninth, wouldn't it be better if he's 100 percent?

Justin Upton rumors! Justin Upton isn't getting traded to the Yankees. At least he probably isn't getting traded to the Yankees. He probably isn't going to be traded at all. Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick tells the Arizona Republic the team is hesitant to trade the outfielder be they're "better off with him on our team." Really? You're telling me they're better off with a young outfielder that flashed five-tool star potential as recently as nine months ago? I was really hoping they'd trade him for Ichiro.

Saxon Butler is mashing through the New York-Penn League. The first baseman, selected in the 33rd round of this year's draft is currently leading the league in home runs, RBI and OPS. has more on the 22-year-old masher. Not sure where they keep finding people with names like Saxon Butler, but figure out where it is and keep going back there.