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The Pinstripe Pulse, Edition 1: Offense

With many kudos to Amazin' Avenue's excellent "Player Performance Meter" series, it is my pleasure to announce another new feature for the site called "The Pinstripe Pulse." In it, we will try to give you guys an idea of how each player on the team did during the previous week. I use the performance measure as an estimate of what we can fairly expect of a player and how he's met these expectations in the previous week. We will do the offense and the pitching separately and begin the series with all the data from the Yankees' post-All-Star-Break performance. Technically, that's ten games of data rather than seven, but we weren't going to get the series started last week with just a few games to use. Also, we're just rebels.

The Yankees, as a group, hit .262/.336/.459 with 134 homers in 85 games before the All-Star Break. In the ten games since, they have hit .273/.327/.465 with 16 homers. They hit 1.58 homers per game prior to the All-Star Break, so there's barely a change at all at 1.6 homers per game since then. It should be noted though that in the six games prior the Oakland series, they were scoring 6.17 runs per game. The four games in Oakland normalized these numbers (2.5 runs per game over the four-game sweep), as their post-Break average is 4.7 runs per game versus 4.85 runs per game in the first half.