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New York Yankees News & Notes: 7/20/12

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Could Brett Gardner's injury have something to do with his head-first slides? A scout told Michael Eder at TYA that he thought it might. A look into Gardner's injury history shows a number of arm and upper body injuries with the latest causing him to likely miss all but nine games in 2012. Gardner insists that his head-first sliding is faster, and it may be, but is it worth all the injuries it may come with?

Joe Girardi gave no indication that he would be switching Freddy Garcia and David Phelps in the rotation anytime soon. It's not that Freddy was terrible last night, just that Phelps looked dominant and it's always more fun when the young guys get a chance. It's a nagging feeling, though, to think that if Phelps had turned in Garcia's outing from last night, he'd be replaced by the veteran just because veteran > rookie is the way of the Binder.

While their home ballpark in Pennsylvania is being renovated, the players with the misfortune of being assigned to AAA don't exactly get many of the luxuries of home. The team is built with older guys who have wives and children that they haven't been able to see much while living out of a suitcase and traveling from place to place without a real landing spot for now. It's hard to feel too badly for them, they get to play baseball for a living, but their situation is certainly far from ideal.

Prospect Mark Montgomery, who was recently promoted to AA Trenton, has a 14.7 K/9 in his career. Amazing.

The Yankees have been quiet on the trade front so far, but other teams have been busy making moves. The Rockies traded former Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie to the Royals for Jonathan Sanchez. Both pitchers have been terrible this season, so the teams are likely hoping a change of scenery will help them out. In the AL East, the Blue Jays and Astros completed a ten player trade earlier today that sent Ben Francisco, Francisco Cordero, and four minor leaguers to Houston for J.A. Happ, Brandon Lyon, and David Carpenter. The Jays' pitching staff has been rocked by injuries, but Happ is no slam dunk to turn things around for them.