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Cory Wade Optioned to Triple-A. Chad Qualls Now On Display.

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Even this picture of Qualls does not inspire confidence!
Even this picture of Qualls does not inspire confidence!

Recently acquired RHP Chad Qualls is now on the 25-man roster. Well that didn't take long. I think everyone saw it coming though. With the recent struggles of Cory Wade, who has been optioned to Triple-A to make room for Qualls, it seems like the Yankees are trying to continue their bullpen magic this year with another member joining the ranks. Again, Clay Rapada folks. Chad Qualls, like a recent Chad the Yankees had in the pen, does not inspire much confidence when it comes to his pitching. He's been pretty awful the past three years and if the Phillies are willing to get rid of him for peanuts or chump change, there is definitely cause for concern. Who am I to judge Cashman though? Through some kind of genius or dark magic he has put together one of the strongest bullpens in the league via players one doesn't think that highly of. No, I'm not talking about Soriano. Stop thinking that! Perhaps Qualls will shine for the Yankees. Perhaps all he needs is a new pitching coach and a new team to Quall his way to the top. Perhaps.

Who am I kidding? Where's the panic button?

Meanwhile, Cory Wade. Considering how well Cory Wade has pitched for the Yankees since his pinstriped time here, these past weeks have just been painful to watch. Girardi and co. have been trying to see what is wrong with him for some time, to no avail. When DeWayne Wise is brought in to get the final two outs Wade could not deliver, it's clear that something has to be done. Hopefully Wade can work on his mechanics and figure out what's wrong in Scranton. It would be a real tragedy if he just fizzled out like that. Especially since we don't know what kind of replacement Qualls is going to be. If Qualls doesn't work out, we always have Wise. Good luck in Triple-A.

Qualls will wear #40 and he officially joins the roster Tuesday night. Like Scar said to the Hyenas; Be Prepared.