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Yankees News And Notes - Afternoon Edition

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"The game is easy!"
"The game is easy!"

Yesterday the Yankees split the series with the Chicago White Sox behind the fantastic pitching of Phil Hughes and the fantastic swing of Robinson Cano. It really is a pleasure to watch Cano swing the bat with his "The game is easy" attitude. Later on today Cano will announce his Home Run Derby team. Even though I'm curious to see who Cano picks, I generally have little interest in the Home Run Derby or the All Star Game. Thanks, Selig.

The international prospect market has seen some action today. The Yankees signed Yancarlos Baez, a sixteen year old switch hitting SS prospect from the Dominican Prospect League. Baez will get $650,000, a price tag which really makes me wonder why I didn't play more sports in my younger days. I could have used that kind of money at sixteen. Actually I could use that kind of money now. In addition, the Yankees have also signed Venezuelan catcher Luis Torres, who is also sixteen and making me question my choices in life. The Yanks signed him for $1.3 million. Again, sixteen and all that money. Damn.

According to Yankees beat writer Eric Boland, Joba Chamberlain claims he is only two weeks away from throwing a rehab game. No rush, Joba. We have Chad Qualls now.

Carlos Lee will not be going to the Dodgers. They got tired of waiting for an answer and rescinded their offer. I don't blame them. I'm not really the patient type either.

Tonight the Yankees will face off against the Rays for a three game series. Awful, booable starter yet shockingly decent relief pitcher Freddy Garcia will face Matt Moore. For the record, I hate Tropicana Field. I also hate the Rays announcers.