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Trade Deadline 2012: You're The GM

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This one is pretty self explanatory, but something I'm sure we can all have a little fun with...

It's July 2nd, and the trade deadline is fast approaching (July 31st). You find yourself thrust into the role of Yankees General Manager, and need to make the necessary decisions from this point forward to position the club for another run at the World Series.

  • Are you willing to sell the farm for a few rentals?
  • Will you buy low on a player that can help you this year and beyond?
  • Is there a smaller deal out there that won't gut the system?
  • Or will you possibly just sit tight with the club we already have?

Remember, the Yankees were relatively quiet last trade deadline, not making any moves and only getting into preliminary talks with a few clubs about pitching.

Here is a list of upcoming free agents, courtesy of, to assist you in identifying possible rentals. Tanya touched on some of our upper minors players a few days ago, names that may be key in any potential deals.

Take your best shot at coming up with a few game changing ideas, Pinstripe Alley. As we recently found out, you never know who actually may be reading our humble blog...