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Yankees 6 - Blue Jays 0, F7

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Not a fly ball to left field, but a game called in the middle of the seventh inning due to rain. The Blue Jays were denied a chance to come back with their final six outs, but the Yankees appeared to have the game well in hand when the water cycle intervened. As the Yankees were at a 99.2% win expectancy at the time, we can be relatively confident that the outcome of the game was not sold short.

It was another appearance from the good side of Hiroki Kuroda, as he pitched all seven innings without allowing a run. Kuroda struck out five and scattered four hits, using a running fastball and a splitter/slider off-speed combination to carve up the Blue Jays lineup. Today was his team-leading ninth high quality start of the season.

The offense jumped on Ricky Romero for four runs in the first inning, highlighted by extra base hits from Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and Robinson Cano. With fourteen baserunners in six offensive frames, the Yankees threatened in almost every inning. DeWayne Wise added an RBI double in the fourth and an RBI single in the sixth to cap the scoring. Even Russell Martin got on base twice.

This early matinee concluded a three game sweep of the Blue Jays, with the Yankees next obstacle being a trip to the West Coast for seven games against the Athletics and Mariners.