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I have forgotten what Game Score is. Or perhaps I've never even heard of Game Score. Or maybe I'm just curious for more information. Either way, if there could be some kind of link, that'd really

If you think that this looks like a hot mess, I can shoot some holes in your computer post-jump.

  • CC Sabathia does not have a single Game Score lower than 40 on the season. By this metric and a some eyeballing, here are Sabathia's worst starts of 2012:
    April 6th - at Rays - 6 IP - 5 ER - Carlos Pena first inning grand slam
    May 15th - at Orioles - 6 IP - 4 ER - Twelve baserunners in six innings
    June 24th - at Mets - 5.2 IP - 1 ER - Four unearned runs, Chris Stewart.
  • Hiroki Kuroda has eight High Quality Starts (at least seven innings, no more than two earned runs), leading the Yankees. He also has four of the seven highest Game Scores on the team. When he's been good, he's been great.
  • Hiroki Kuroda also has four starts with a Game Score of 31 or lower. Kuroda's Game Scores have easily the highest standard deviation, meaning that there has been the most variance in his results. When he's been bad, he's been terrible.
  • The best showing so far has been Andy Pettitte, with two marks of 82. The worst showing was the only start made by Adam Warren, in which he scored a 16.
  • Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes have taken two very divergent paths to what they've been this season: almost perfectly league average starting pitchers.
  • Look at how quickly those green circles just stopped happening.