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Afternoon Yankees News And Notes 7/17/12

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Someone missed the Three Amigos memo.
Someone missed the Three Amigos memo.

CC's back. What a great title for a news post about CC Sabathia rejoining the Yankees rotation. Gets the point of the article across quickly and without a lot of reading. It also makes a great intro to a news link previewing Sabathia's return tonight. LoHud spoke with him about his comeback and what life on the disabled list is like. Hint, "it sucks."

Yankees related in a "kind of excited they don't have to face this guy anymore" way. Jose Bautista has been placed on the 15-day DL with inflammation in his left wrist. Not Billy Hamilton fast but still fast prospect Anthony Gose will take his place on the roster for now. Bad news for the Blue Jays who have to be sick of injuries by now, good news for teams sick of watching Bats injure their pitchers' self-esteem.

Curtis Granderson has ten doubles this season. Ten. That's certainly less than a lot and a lot less than what I expected. The Yankee Analysts broke down Granderson's extra base hit layout and, surprise, playing half his games at New Yankee Stadium has helped his homer total at the expense of some doubles. Fair trade-off.

Joba the boss. Another appearance for the GCL Yankees this morning, another pair of strikeouts. You have to think he's just about due for a promotion after three impressive outings in rookie ball. Time to see if he can continue to dominate against some better hitters. He probably will, because Joba the boss.