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White Sox 'Zeroing In' On Yankees Betances

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Let's once again use this tired picture of Dellin Betances. I apologize in advance, the options in the system are very slim.
Let's once again use this tired picture of Dellin Betances. I apologize in advance, the options in the system are very slim.

This comes from Trenton Thunder beat writer Josh Norris via Twitter:

Not sure what to make of this, but the White Sox have had a scout following Dellin Betances over his last three starts.

Heard from a source that are definitely "zeroing in" on Betances.

Holy crap! You're telling me someone actually values Betances considering the stinker of a year he's in the midst of? I don't care what he's done since being DEMOTED to Double-A (3 GS, 1-1, 2.41 ERA, 9.64 K/9, 3.38 BB/9), this is his third crack at the level following a complete implosion pitching for the Triple-A traveling road show. His mechanics are a mess, and he'll never have success at the major league level as he's currently wired (as a starter, or out of the bullpen), in my humble opinion.

That said, what is out there for us to poach from the White Sox in a trade? Let's examine the options after the jump...

The White Sox currently sit atop the AL Central (49-40) in a tie with the Tigers, holding a slim half game lead over the Indians. They certainly won't be sellers at this point, but maybe there is a minor league match? Let's browse their farm and see what's available.

Simon Castro, P: He was a Padres top prospect, and Top 100 guy at one point, but began imploding following his 2010 Futures Game start. In the time since, he's been traded to the White Sox and appears to have righted the ship, now finding himself in Triple-A. Castro has an explosive low-90s fastball and electric slider, but may be destined for the bullpen if his changeup doesn't begin showing more consistent progress.

Jared Mitchell, OF: Mitchell has been widely regarded as a bust since being drafted 23rd overall in the '09 draft. He missed the entire '10 season with a severe ankle injury, and returned in '11 as a shell of his former self (.222, 8 HR, 58 RBI, 14 SB) at High-A. He got off to a hot start this season at Double-A, but has since settled in to a much more modest line (.247, 10 HR, 54 RBI, 20 SB). Of note is his improved walk rate (14.8%), which has led to an impressive .373 OBP. Still, when you're striking out 29.9% of the time, there is much work to be done. He's a project, but could still develop into a productive major leaguer if things click.

Jordan Danks, OF: Currently in the majors, he posted a strong line at Triple-A this year to earn a promotion (.302, 8 HR, 28 RBI). He's a plus defender, but much like Mitchell, is prone to strikeouts in bunches. At 25, his upside is rather limited, and he may never amount to anything more than a fourth outfielder in the majors.

The rest of the White Sox Triple-A roster is littered with washed up major leaguers and Quad-A types (Conor Jackson, Dallas McPherson, Dan Johnson). The pickings are very slim here.

So what do you think, Pinstripe Alley? Do any of the names mentioned above excite you to the point of wanting to move on from Dellin Betances? I think Castro and Mitchell are intriguing, and if there was some way to get both back in a package, I'd be inclined to make the move. Those are my two cents, and I'm interested in hearing what you all have to say below...