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Yankees Trade & Contract Talk: How Much Does Robinson Cano Affect What Brian Cashman Does?

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We're all smiling now. Let us hope the smiles continue.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
We're all smiling now. Let us hope the smiles continue. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

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The All Star Break is over. Baseball is finally being played again. Wins suddenly somehow matter more than they did in the first half. Okay, I cannot really prove that aside from the reactions I see from people. There are two things I do know though. The first thing is to ignore YouTube commenters like the plague. The second is that it's now trade season. The time of the season where organizations will try to fix the holes, or supposed holes, on their team so they can potentially make it to the playoffs. These competing teams usually get their player spackle from non-competing teams and teams that are trying to rebuild for the future. This year's hardware store shopping should be more interesting, or annoying, now that Bud "Wouldn't trust him to make me chocolate milk!" Selig has given us the second Wild Card in the postseason. Forgive me if it seems like I typed that with disgust, but trust me I did!

I am personally not a fan of this time of year. My dislike of trade season has little to do with seeing players moved around and everything to do with my Yankees fandom. One thing I do not like about being a Yankees fan is their "WIN NOW AT ALL COST" mentality that causes them to potentially trade the future away in order to achieve victory each and every year. It's a fantastic business model and part of why the Yankees have so much money. As a fan, I hate it. Take the year 2010, for example. That year's trade deadline offered up one of the most gut wrenching moves I've ever seen offered by our organization; Jesus Montero and a chunk of the farm for a rental, repeat rental, of Cliff Lee. It thankfully didn't happen. Two years later and Brian Cashman seems to be on the side of what I consider reason and logic. The team is winning right now. The prices for available players are a bit high. This is what I like to hear. Then a thought crossed my mind; What if all their trade and contract plans have to do with their future plans for Robinson Cano?

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Watching Robinson Cano play the sport of baseball is a delectable treat for the eyes. He has one of the best and purest swings in all of baseball. The fans absolutely love him. The Yankees organization know this and knows it well. They also know that their other premiere superstar players are getting older. Derek Jeter is still the primary face of the Yankees, but he will not be for long. Possibly. The truth is only Derek Jeter knows when he is going to retire. As long as he wants to play baseball, I believe the Yankees will keep paying him. Brand name recognition definitely matters when it comes to contract negotiations and Robinson Cano might very well be the next Derek Jeter, in terms of contract discussions and marketability. The fans love him and he's a superstar. He may have an Edge of his own one day.

There have been talks of offering Cano an extension at the end of this year. Cano's agent is Scott Boras. You can pretty much predict the outcome of that offer. Obviously Boras knows what he's doing. He dabbles in the mega contracts like a Lex Luthor-ish supervillain. Boras is going to want a mega contract for Cano. You know the one I'm talking about. The ten year, $200 million plus deal that will keep his ivory back scratchers coming in. The deal you potentially dread later on. On another team, I no longer think he gets this deal. On the Yankees, it's a strong strong possibility due to the brand name recognition Cano represents for the Yankees. Jeter is getting old and the Yankees will need to replace that marketable face of his. Robinson Cano is the clear choice for that job. He's a perfect replacement for Jeter. Cano is very charismatic. He's always smiling and trying to help other players out. Oh, and there's that whole homegrown superstar thing. Cano is next in line for his own potential "era" in the Yankee Stadium Museum. Boras knows this. Cashman knows this. The Steinbrenners know this. The majority of the press know this.

Since everyone knows this, it will most likely determine what the Yankees do to prepare for the future. There is the possibility that the Yankees will have to let some people go simply because they won't be able to afford them in the future. Wow. I cannot believe I just typed that. One example I think of in terms of preparing for the future is our pitching staff. The Yankees have signed CC Sabathia for the long term. They have two potential young, talented, cost effective starters in Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova. They made the trade for Michael Pineda, who despite his setback, is also young and under team control for a good amount of time. They should hopefully have Manuel Banuelos ready to go in a year or two. Perhaps Pettitte will decide to Jamie Moyer it for a while. Cashman has shown that he can put together a bullpen like magic. Baseball is baseball and it is unpredictable, like the Pineda injury, but the Yankees look like they do not have to worry about pitching for a while even though they always worry about pitching. The growing concern might soon be replacing hitting production.

Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher are also fun to watch play baseball. The difference between them and Cano is that their production can potentially be replaced with trades or possibly some farm players down the line. What Cano brings to the team cannot be replaced at this time. There is not a second baseman out on the market or in our farm system who can be the new Robinson Cano. Cano is too good at what he does. Cano is a superstar. Cano is vastly more marketable than them or anyone else on the team. If you think that does not matter, consider that the Yankees are all about brand recognition. It's why they are so incredibly wealthy. It's a business, first and foremost. They built Jeter up to be the face of the Yankees and he became the face of baseball. Cano has the potential to do that as well. It could cost a lot of money and years, and could potentially harm the team, but the Yankees organization will make that money back in other ways.

It will be interesting to see what the Yankees do in the upcoming years. It will be interesting to see what they do during this trade season. The players available might indeed be too expensive for Cashman. Everyone will undoubtedly ask for Banuelos and our other high end prospects. Cano's future could make it a price Cash is not willing to pay. This is all purely speculation and discussion. I cannot predict the future. I try to analyze and judge what will eventually happen, but I'm not a mutant. Maybe Cano takes a reasonable 6-7 year deal and still gets more money than I ever will. I can hope anyway.

What do you think will happen regarding Robinson Cano and the Yankees trade and contract future? Inquiring Kirkland's want to know!