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Yankees News And Notes: Sweeps, Potential Trades, and Admiration

The Yankees celebrated victory yesterday afternoon after they defeated the Angels 5-3. Freddy was not perfect. Nothing new here. He did manage to hold the Angels to three runs over five innings and let the bullpen and dinger brigade do their job. Cano is just awesome.

Angels Rookie of the Decade candidate Mike Trout has apparently always had an admiration for Yankees SS Derek "MVP candidate" Jeter. When Trout's family came to see him play against his SS crush, Jeter was kind enough to offer Trout his personal suite. One, I can't imagine how much those suites cost. Two, Trout was four years old when Jeter came on the scene. Feelin' old.

The San Diego Padres found an interesting way to win last night. Stealing home. Twice! I'm willing to bet good money that you will probably never see that again. Nor should you, really!

According to one writer from ESPN Chicago, the Yankees are one of the ten teams interested in trading for Ryan Dempster. They apparently want young pitching prospect for him. My mind was just blown. The only real reason I could see myself wanting Dempster is for the potential "Dempster Fire" jokes in the threads.