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Chopped - Yankees Broadcasters

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We'll just get this out of the way and say that I watch way too much Food Network. My two favorite shows on that station; Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives and the show Chopped, the latter being the basis of this analogy. I've been behind the scenes and seen all that goes into making a baseball broadcast. It really is no different than a kitchen making a meal for a hungry restaurant full of people. You have a kitchen, or broadcast truck, full of chefs each with an assigned task. Then there's all the ingredients that go into producing a quality broadcast. When a problem arises you have slight panic followed by fixing the meal. Do you see what I'm talking about? No? Well hopefully you keep reading anyway.

What we're going to do is imagine, yes use your imagination, that four chefs are creating a baseball broadcast and that they have certain ingredients to make this broadcast delicious. Presentation, taste, and creativity are what we will use to judge the broadcast. But since you cannot literally taste a broadcast, yet, we'll just say "Can you stomach watching this broadcast?" instead. Our distinguished panel of judges will look at the finalized product and decide which chefs they thought prepared the best broadcasts and which chef should be chopped.

Our four chefs are the YES Network, ESPN, MLB Network, and FOX Sports. The ingredients are camera angles, broadcasters, past video highlights, and theme music. You have ∞. The clock starts now!

Rule clarification after the jump...

  • The idea is to look at each ingredient and see if if comes together as a whole. Can you taste everything and is it actually palatable? Is it good except for the lack of one particular ingredient? Do not just judge the product based on one ingredient; i.e. broadcasters!
  • You can mention what ingredients work and which ones do not.
  • You can only Chop one chef. It should probably be the chef you think puts together the worst broadcast. Just a suggestion.
  • This is for fun. Please have fun with it.