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What Is Your Yankee Stadium Routine?

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With the second half upon us, tens of thousands will once again be heading to Yankee Stadium this evening to watch the Yankees take on the Angels. But where do all these people come from, and where do they go once inside?

Some of us are Yankee Stadium veterans, but others may still be dreaming of the day they make their first trip. Let's get some answers to a few questions today, and maybe we'll all benefit from the knowledge shared the next time we venture to The Stadium again.

  • Where do you travel from? (feel free to be vague if you'd like to keep your location confidential, but some idea of where you come from would be good)
  • Do you use public transportation? If so, which form?
  • Do you have a preferred section to sit in when you watch a game at Yankee Stadium?
  • Is there a 'must see/do' activity you take part in (outside of the norm) that others should try?
  • Do you have a favorite food/drink item you get each trip you make?

Feel free to elaborate on your routine beyond just answering the questions. I'll be posting mine after the jump.

A typical trip to Yankee Stadium for me usually starts out with my wife and I driving from our home in Northern New Jersey to the Weehawken Ferry Terminal. We both enjoy taking the ferry across the river, and have always used it as our way to get into the city.

From there, we usually make the 15-20 minute walk to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in order to take the subway to Yankee Stadium. Occasionally, we'll stop at Papaya Dog and grab a quick bite to eat, although sometimes we save this for after the game.

Our preferred section when going to Yankee Stadium is Section 420B. We both enjoy being high above the field, overlooking the entire stadium, and seeing the roof tops of the buildings beyond the fences. We've sat all over the place, but this is still the best seat in the house for us (although the day we endured the 6+ hour rain delay against the Nationals a few years ago, and sprinted to the Yankees dugout when everyone was allowed to mass upgrade, was pretty awesome too!).

The one thing I always look forward to when attending a Yankee game is getting a Lobel's steak sandwich, and eating it at one of the concourse tables while watching the game. I've been to games with many people, and everyone who has tried the sandwich loves it just as much as I do.

In the past, we've watched bullpen warm up sessions, and even ventured to the bleachers to take part in the Roll Call.

At the end of the game, we do our transportation routine in reverse, and always head home very happy that we were able to spend some time at Yankee Stadium.

What is your Yankee Stadium routine?