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Yankees Sign First-Round Draft Pick Ty Hensley

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Good news. The Yankees have signed 2012 first-round draft pick, high school pitcher Ty Hensley, to a contract. Kevin Levine-Flandrup had it first, so boo other baseball writers, and Jim Callis from Baseball America filled in the blanks. The contract will pay the high school righty $1.2 million, $400,000 under slot, after the sides initially agreed on $1.6 million deal. Only initially, though.

That's the potential bad news. The offer came down after an MRI showed "abnormalities" in Hensley's shoulder. I'm not even going to write much about this. I'm not his doctor, neither are you, and right now we have no idea what this means. For all we know he could have a laser guidance system that helps him spot pitches sprouting from his shoulder. I wouldn't presume that's the case, but I'm not a doctor.

Still no details on what the injury is or where he's going to be assigned, but it's early. It's late on the east coast, but it's early in the news process as far as this is concerned. He took what seemed like forever to decide between signing and heading to Ole Miss, so what's a little more time? No need to panic just yet.

Hensley can run his fastball up into the mid-to-high 90s and mix in a big curveball. I'm sure we'll learn more about what he can do once he's assigned somewhere in the system where people will actually watch him. Good stuff. Now be good.

The Yankees now have just over $600,000 ($400,000 for the bonus pool in the first 10 rounds) left to sign their remaining draft picks by 5 p.m. on Friday. A full list of the Yankees' draft signings is over at Baseball America.