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Yankees News And Notes 7/10/12: Cano Lays An Egg

Don't come home for Christmas.
Don't come home for Christmas.

Not literally, of course, but last year's Home Run Derby champion put up nice a round number in Kansas City Monday night. Literally a round number. The crowd was on Cano throughout his brief appearance for not selecting the hometown player, Billy Butler, but he told ESPN during the broadcast (put in text form by LoHud) it's nothing unusual for him. Boo hoo mean to Cano. Boo hoo Butler didn't get a chance. Boo hoo batting practice.

Reggie Jackson isn't banned from being around the team, but he isn't exactly welcome right now either. Bryan Hoch caught up with him last night about not being a disruption while indirectly being a disruption. Silence is golden. For everyone involved.

Joba's ankle. I mean, Joba's back. Joba Chamberlain is back from his ankle injury. He'll pitch his first inning on his rehab stint today for the GCL Yankees. Joba tells Newsday he's excited to step foot on the mound again and take the next big step in getting back to the Bronx. Not too big, though. With his luck that step would be into a gopher hole.

Friday is the deadline to sign this year's draft picks and the Yankees are close with first-rounder Ty Hensley, but not too close. Kevin Levine-Flandrup reports negotiations are done between the two sides, and now it's a waiting game. Hensley must decide between signing on with the Yankees and heading to Ole Miss in the fall. Time to call in some help persuading him to go with the former option. Maybe Eli Manning. Wait, no.

The All-Star Game counts now and it's your fault. It's About The Money details why you're all bad people for making this happen.

Scranton Wilkes-Barre named Rob Crain the team's new president and general manager on Monday. Crain comes over from Kansas City's Triple-A affiliate, the Omaha Storm Chasers, where he was assistant GM for four years. Wil Myers, Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery might follow him, but don't believe everything you read on the Internet.