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Yankees 4, Mets 2: Effective Hughes and Homers

A-Rod is weird, but very excited about beating the Mets.
A-Rod is weird, but very excited about beating the Mets.

If you are the type of fan that thinks the Yankees hit too many home runs, the past two games have probably been miserable for you. An RBI single by Alex Rodriguez put the Yankees on the board, but home runs by Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson took the scoring from there.

Phil Hughes turned in another quality start, giving up two runs on six hits and two walks in 6.1 innings of work. He struck out six batters, but gave up home runs to David Wright and Omar Quintanilla, who was surprisingly difficult to retire throughout the game. Hughes has now given up at least one home run in each of his 12 starts this season.

The binder mixed and matched various LOOGYs and Cory Wade in relief of Hughes before Rafael Soriano came on for the save after Granderson extended the lead to two with his homer in the 8th inning. Soriano made it an adventure, as he seems to enjoy doing, but managed to keep the Mets' score at two.

Offensively, the Yankees had their chances to knock Dillon Gee out of the game much earlier, but a couple of double plays by Raul Ibanez, including one with the bases loaded, managed to limit the damage. Quite a bit has been made of Derek Jeter's offensive drop off as of late, but Ibanez has not really been much better. Both had a single, though, and Jeter also took a walk. Teixeira reached base twice in addition to his home run via a walk and a plunk to lead the offense.

A sweep of the first Subway Series of the year is up for grabs tomorrow as Andy Pettitte faces off against Jon Niese at 1 p.m.

Comment of the Game: waw for the picture of Mets fan attire.