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Yankees News and Notes: 6/3/12

Always leave when the walls start to bleed.
Always leave when the walls start to bleed.

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A late night quickly turned into an early morning. I'm not a morning person, so here's a semi-abbreviated look at things that happened, are happening and may happen.

  • Joe Girardi was ejected by Bob Davidson in the seventh inning of last night's game. Joe Girardi was not Bob Davidson's biggest fan after the game as Chad Jennings notes on LoHud.
  • More Girardi? Sure. Asked about the Mets for whatever reason, Girardi tells Marc Carig of the Star-Ledger he "would have done what Terry [Collins] did" if faced with hooking a starter with a high pitch count in the middle of a no-hitter try. Hard to believe given his track record with pitch count, but whatever. Stop asking about the Mets.
  • Future closer David Aardsma threw 20 pitches yesterday as he rehabs from Tommy John surgery. He probably won't be of much use this season, but future closer.
  • Charleston as a whole has been a lot of fun to follow this season, but for the most part, Dante Bichette Jr. has not. The first round draft pick from a year ago has been a bit disappointing so far, posting a modest .251/.347/.309 line through 48 games. Hopefully things will turn around for him now that he has his first home run of the year, courtesy of Please note that the big, stupid wall in left field transcends all levels of Boston baseball.
  • River Ave Blues continues to look ahead to Monday's MLB Draft. Some of the newer previews include pitchers Shane Watson, Zach Eflin and Christian Jones. The whole section is interesting, but those three have videos included.
  • If you put any stock in mock drafts, you should probably stop doing that. But if you can't, you should watch the video of Zach Eflin posted above as it's who Baseball America has the Yankees taking at #30 in their latest mock. More young pitchers is almost never a bad thing, but Stryker Trahan is Stryker Trahan.
  • Think you know how to scout players in the upcoming draft? You don't. Kevin Goldstein at Baseball Prospectus raises a classic from the dead outlining why.