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Yankees 7, White Sox 14: DeWayne Wise Pitched in This Game

Alex bets someone will blame him for this.
Alex bets someone will blame him for this.

I think it's safe to say that Adam Warren's major league debut wasn't what he imagined it to be. The offense got out to a four run lead in the bottom of the first, but he allowed a four-run inning in the top of the second. Warren continued to struggle through 2.1 innings on his way to giving up six runs on eight hits, including home runs to A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko. He struck out the first batter of the game but that was pretty much where the good of Warren's outing started and ended.

Warren's pitching misfortune allowed David Phelps to get into a game on his first day back in the majors, but he lasted only 3.1 innings and 64 pitches. I suppose that's what happens when you let a guy rot in your bullpen for the better part of a month and he's only stretched out to approximately 50 pitches. Phelps fared better than Warren did, striking out five and allowing four hits and two runs. Another Pierzynski dinger and an RBI by Alex Rios were the scoring plays against him, but Phelps still did a fine job out there.

Cory Wade is a train wreck right now and no one really seems to know why. In 2.1 innings tonight, he allowed seven hits and six earned runs. Joe Girardi made him take one for the team by leaving him out there for so long and definitively putting the game out of reach. You'd think that the Yankee offense would have convinced him by now that a two or three run lead isn't the ballgame, but I guess not. DeWayne Wise (yes, that one) came on in relief when it was clear Wade couldn't go any further and induced a ground out and fly out to arguably the two best White Sox hitters. You can't predict baseball.

Tonight's loss can't be blamed on the offense. More often than not, seven runs is going to be enough to take the win. Curtis Granderson continued his assault of left-handed pitching with a two-run home run in the first inning to score Derek Jeter, who doubled to pass Cal Ripken Jr. on the all-time hits list. Andruw Jones doubled twice and drove in two runs while Jayson Nix also drove in two runs on a double that tied the game at the time. Each starter had at least one hit, but it just wasn't enough to overcome a terrible job by the pitchers.

Personal Catcher Chris Stewart committed another error behind the plate, throwing a ball into centerfield Cervelli-style. Russell Martin seems to think he'll be back tomorrow after coming into the game tonight after Eric Chavez hit for Stewart. I didn't think it was possible for that to be a welcome event, but here we are.

Comment of the Game: Donut3 for accurately describing the time.