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New York Yankees News: 6/29/12

Cano for All-Star game
Cano for All-Star game

- Mike Axisa at RAB looks at how the schedule shakes out without CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte in the rotation for the immediate future. Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia would be lined up to pitch the doubleheader in Boston on July 7th.

- Curious about the signing status of the Yankees' first round draft pick Ty Hensley? Mike Ashmore, Trenton beat writer, interviewed Hensley and asked how the talks between player and team were going. There is still a chance that he goes to Ole Miss instead, but it at least seems like he and the Yankees will work something out before the deadline.

- Brad Vietrogoski of An A-Blog for A-Rod/TYA tries to find the silver lining in the injuries to Sabathia and Pettitte. The main point is the added rest for both guys while they are healing up, which probably can't hurt. CC pitches a lot of innings and Andy is old. But seriously, I'm about done with all the injuries this year.

- Stop me if you've heard this before: Russell Martin's back is acting up, but he doesn't think it's a DL situation. Of course. Martin hasn't been great at the plate this season, but Chris Stewart's bat can make anyone look good. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a repeat performance of last year, where Russ missed nearly two weeks but didn't think he needed a full 15 days. Sigh.

- Adam Warren will make his big league debut against the White Sox tonight after improving on a rough start to the season. It's always exciting to see one of the kids finally get a chance to play in the majors in front of their friends and family. Predictions for how you think he'll do?