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Yankees News


Has it been harder for the Yankees to hit homers in the playoffs?
No, not really. In their last sixteen trips to the playoffs, the Yankees have outpaced their regular season home run rate (by AB/HR) six times, and the overall rate is fairly close (31.2 vs. 26.4). Given the colder weather and playoff pitching, that's well within what you'd expect and definitely does not support the supposed idea that home runs just stop happening when the playoffs start.

Pedro Feliciano Throws 25 Pitches in First Bullpen Session
It's alive. I wouldn't expect anything to come of it, but still.

Yankees pick up RHP Danny Farquhar
Wow, you are just so glad that you are reading this news post.

Is Rafael Soriano crossing the line by untucking his jersey at the end of games?
Please don't have this opinion.

The American League has won Interleague Play Again
The AL won for the ninth straight year (142-110) with the Yankees finishing at 13-5.